I was born on the 22nd September 1978 and since a very young age I have always been into arts and creativity. I developed a strong interest in photography at the age of 18 and always hoped that one day I put my hands on a dSLR. I got my first dSLR camera in 2006 and I never looked back or limited myself to one particular type of photography. I always want to experiment and try out different tasks. I also like to combine photography with creativity. The birth of my daughter Hannah triggered my passion for a different aspect of photography. I am interested in various aspects of photography, portraiture, fashion, still life, painting with lights, sports and high-speed photography. Water / Liquid drops photography are my forte as well.

My primary job is in IT but photography has always been my passion - my love.

Today I am an active member of the Malta Photographic Society and Malta Institute of Professional Photographers. I cherish each opportunity to express my photographic expressions and I am always participating in various seminars and courses to enhance my knowledge of photography.

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